Referral Fee Programs for Licensed Real Estate Agents

Property Services of Atlanta offers licensed real estate agent referrals In multiple ways. Thank you in advance for remembering us.

Property Owners/Landlords

Property Services of Atlanta offers licensed real estate agent’s a referral when Referring a new client to us with a vacant property. We will pay 25% of the Procurement fee once the property has been rented and occupied. Please note That we have several different options for clients and the referral fee will be based on the Particular plan that the client has chosen. If a licensed agent refers us a client with a Property that has a good standing tenant already in place, we will pay 12.5% of the Procurement fee or minimum of $100, whichever is greater after the first month rent has been paid to Property Services of Atlanta.

Referral Fees are not paid on agents personal properties and are negotiated upfront when bring on said property.


We offer a referral fee to an agent that shows and brings us an approved Applicant (approved by Property Services of Atlanta) on one of our listings. Please check the individual listing for details or call our office and speak with one of our property managers. If the property is on MLS or FMLS all referral fees should be outlined, if on any other site, you will need to call the office and provide your GA Real Estate License information to gain access. Referral fees will be paid after the actual move in has taken place. We will pay a minimum of $150 or 25% of our leasing fee that is charged to the client and this is for agents that actual show the property. Please note that we offer several different plans to clients, so make sure you understand the referral fee being paid on the property upfront so there is no confusion.

If you just send us the referral and contact information, we set up, do the showing with the prospective Tenant, we will pay a referral fee of 12.5% of the leasing fee or a minimum of $100.00.

Co-op Fees when referring a Seller or Buyer

When a licensed real estate agent refers us a buyer or seller, we will be happy to pay A 20% co-op fee out of the commissions that we are paid on the transaction. We thank You for remembering Property Services of Atlanta and we look forward to many repeat transactions. Please fill out the box to the right side of this page so we can track your referral or send us your referral request and proper forms to 770-426-1468

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